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Daheng SP15 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications

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Daheng SP15 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications

Daheng SP15 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications
November 13
12:11 2018



Da: Large Heng: horizontal
Daheng is on the large part of the abdomen horizontal to the navel.
Point: SP-15
Chinese Name: 大横
English Name/Meaning: Great Horizontal
Pinyin: dà héng
Han Geul 한글: dae hoeng 대횡
Romaji: dai ō
Vietnamese: Đại hoành


4 cun lateral to the centre of the umbilicus, on the mamillary line.


  • Disperse water (water retention in the intestine, mucus in stool, chronic diarrhea).
  • Regulates and moves Qi in the Intestines (promotes bowel movement by stimulating peristalsis).

Indications of daheng:

  • Abdominal pain and distension, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation.
  • Weight loss – especially of abdominal area (Thread needle technique: inserted from Sp15 towards St25 or electric acupuncture with individual circuits on each side)


Perpendicular insertion, 0.5 to 1 cun.


  • Crossing point of Yinwei vessel.
  • Important point for regulating the Large Intestine Qi.


  • In thin patients deep needling may penetrate the peritoneal cavity.
  • Deep needling at this point may penetrate a substantially enlarged spleen or liver.

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