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Laogong PC8 : Nomenclature, Location, Function, Indication

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Laogong PC8 : Nomenclature, Location, Function, Indication

Laogong  PC8 : Nomenclature, Location, Function, Indication
August 30
14:26 2018



Lao: labour Gong: centre
The hand is used for labour. “Lao” refers to the hand. Laogong is in the centre of the palm.


In the middle of the palm, between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones, in the depression on the radial side of the 3rd metacarpal bone. When the fist is made, the point is just below the tip of the middle finger.


  • Cools heart (heart fire, mouth ulcers, mental problems).
  • Also eliminates damp heat (fungal infection on hand and feet).

Indications Of Laogong:

  • Laogong is good for fungal infection on hand and feet, mouth ulcers.
  • Also powerful point to clear heat from heart as well as from pericardium: Cardiac pain, palpitations.
  • Mental problems and loss of consciousness: Depression, mania, imsomnia, epilepsy; Stroke and coma, sunstroke.
  • Drains stomach heat: Vomiting, stomatitis, halitosis


Puncture perpendicularly 0.3-0.5 cun.


Ying-Spring Point.
Exit Point.
Ghost Point.

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