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Naoshu SI10 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications

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Naoshu SI10 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications

Naoshu SI10 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications
November 17
12:33 2018



Nao: Muscle prominence of the upper arm; Shu:point
Naoshu is on the upper arm, where the Qi of the meridian is infused in.

Point: SI-10
Chinese Name: 臑俞
English Name/Meaning: Upper arm transporter
Pinyin: nāo shū
Han Geul 한글: no yu(su) 노유(수)
Romaji: ju yu
Vietnamese: Nhu du


Posterior aspect of the shoulder, in the depression inferior to the scapular spine, directly superior to the posterior axillary crease when the arm hangs in the adducted position.

Functions of Naoshu:

  • Benefits the shoulder.
  • Activates the channel and alleviates pain.


Pain in the scapular region, motor impairment of hand and arm, Paralysis of Hand, weakness of shoulder and arm.


Perpendicular insertion 1 to 1.5 cun.


Meeting point of SI and BL channel with the Yang wei and Yang qiao vessels.


Needle slightly toward shoulder; no heavy lifting and thrusting – (may cause hematoma due to damage large blood vessels.

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