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Tianrong SI17 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications

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Tianrong SI17 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications

Tianrong SI17 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications
December 07
13:22 2018



Tian: upper part Rong: abundance
Tianrong is on the head, where Qi of the meridian is abundant.

Point: SI-17
Chinese Name: 天容
Name: Tianrong
English Name/Meaning: Heavenly Window
Pinyin: tiān róng
Han Geul 한글: cheon yong 천용
Romaji: ten yō?
Vietnamese: Thiên dung


In the depression between the angle of the mandible and the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.


  • Removes Obstruction (evils) from channel. (Swelling in throat, phlegm in throat).
  • Clears heat and disperses swelling.
  • Descend Rebellious qi (Lung and Stomach).

Indications of tianrong:

  • Ear Disorders: deafness, tinnitus, ear pain
  • Throat disorders: goiter, scrofula, throat painful obstruction, obstruction of the throat.
  • Descend Rebellious qi (Lung and Stomach): Chest fullness with difficulty breathing, wheezing, cough, chest pain, vomiting.


Directed towards the root of the tongue, anterior to the carotid vessels, 0.5 to 1 cun.


Window of heaven point.


If necessary, rotate the patient’s head back to its normal position before needle insertion.Prevent injury to Internal carotid artery, internal and external jugular veins.

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