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Xingjian LR2 : Nomenclature, Location, Function, Indication

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Xingjian LR2 : Nomenclature, Location, Function, Indication

Xingjian LR2 : Nomenclature, Location, Function, Indication
September 06
11:28 2018



Xing: walking     Jian: middle
Xingjian is in the depression anterior to the first and second metatarsophalangeal joints. The Qi of the meridian runs between them.


On the dorsum of the foot, proximal to the margin of the web between the 1st and 2nd toes.


  • Drains liver fire (headache, red eyes, red face).
  • Cools blood heat (affects menstrual cycle).
  • Extinguishes wind (internal wind: dizziness, headache, blurred vision, epilepsy, deviation of mouth).

Indications of xingjian:

  • Xingjian is the principal point to clear Liver fire affecting any part of the body. Whether blazing upwards to the head and eyes, disturbing the Heart and spirit, transversely invading the Lungs or Stomach, entering the blood and causing reckless bleeding, or disturbing the lower jiao.
  • Any problems related to LIV organ or LIV channel (LIV qi stagnation, LIV blood deficiency, LIV Yang raising, LIV yin deficiency, LIV fire flaring up). For example :hypertension, cholecystitis, gallstone, plumpit Qi, hiccups, nasal bleeding, headache, dizziness, redness, swelling and pain in the eyes, optic atropy, deviation of the mouth.
  • Stroke, epilepsy.
  • Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding, morbid leucorrhea, enuresis, retention of urine.
  • Distending pain in the chest and hypochondriac region.


Puncture perpendicularly 0.5-0.8 cun


Ying-Spring Point.
Son (reducing) point.
Main point for hypertension.

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